My name is Angelika Chimkowska and I work as social selling and strong brand strategist. I specialize in building effective communication and sales via social media (with emphasis on B2B). I am also the author of two books: “Psychology of Change in Life and Business” and “Strong Brand on LinkedIn: Social Selling in Practice”. I work with large and medium-sized companies from the B2B sector. Among my clients you can find
companies such as: Warta, Volvo, Millenium or Brother.

Together we implement projects within the spectrum of:

  • social selling,
  • employee advocacy,
  • employee personal brand
  • change management

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Executive MBA Coventry University – Global economy and company management
Warsaw School of Economics – Marketing and Management (Post Graduate Certificate in Business
University of Warsaw – Institute of Journalism and Political Science (Master’s Degree)


My business clients, are companies mainly from the B2B sector. I use social media to increase their
promotional activities’ efficiency and the number of inquiries. I help to implement social selling,
employee advocacy as well as expert and firm leader personal branding into day to day team activity.
I consider myself “a marketer converted to sales”. My clients appreciate my strong emphasis on
sales backed up by marketing experience. You can see more details about my experience and
recommendations on my LinkedIn profile (link).
Goals my clients fulfill working with me are

  • active use of social media by sellers (mainly linkedin) in order to reach decision-makers and
  • building brand expert positions,
  • building brand community,
  • increasing the company`s brand awareness through employee activity in social media.

I had the pleasure of working with such brands as:

Training and consulting

I have been training and mentoring since 2010. I trained, among others, companies such as: Volvo,
Brother, Millenium, Warta, Crido, Santander, Ericson, Xerox, Santander, Nokia, Beck, Santander,
Microsoft and many others.

I conduct trainings and workshops for companies and individuals. Trainings are available both in
stationary and online form.

Before a training course me and my team define and consider the client’s needs in order to create
suitable program and training materials. Additionally, as part of the program, the client can take
advantage of consultations inspecting the process of implementing knowledge into everyday
practice, free of charge. #StrongInPractice is a value not only within our team, but one we want to
actively popularize.

If you need training or individual consultations for you or your team, feel free to contact me


I share my practical knowledge of digital marketing activities, sales and the psychology of change, discussing examples, during stationary and online speeches. I am not only a speaker, but a practitioner running my own business. That is why when speaking it is crucial for me to bring up methods that are real and possible to put into actionand real-life examples instead of business activity celebrities and unicorns Heretofore I spoke for companies such as: 3M, PwC, Viviamo, Microsoft, Podravka and more.


“Psychology of Change in Life and Business”, MT Biznes 2016

In the book I demonstrate how to plan and effectively implement individual or group changes in the
company from a psychological perspective.

The book

  • received an honorable mention from Polskie Towarzystwo Trenerów Biznesu in „Książka dla
    trenera 2016” category,
  • was nominated in the category of the best economic and business book „Ekonomicus 2017”,
  • was placed among 5 books that help to keep New Years’ resolutions by

The book is available as an audiobook on EMPIK GO.

„Strong Brand on Linkedin: Social Selling in Practice”, Ebook 2019 

The book teaches in a practical way how to promote your business and acquire new clients on
Linkedin. In addition, you will learn how to build an expert brand on Linkedin step by step and how to
develop a network of thousands of contacts. It shows how to create and publish valuable content
and engage your community.

The book in the form of an e-book is available for various types of readers in three formats (PDF, E-
The e-book is also available in English as „Strong Brand on Linkedin” on Amazon.

What readers say about the book?

I think many trainers and coaches will stop liking Angelika after reading her ebook" Strong Brand on LinkedIn ". And I'm not surprised at all. The knowledge contained in this publication is enough to start your own adventure with this platform and get the most out of it. From now on, you won't need any additional paid training they organize! Nevertheless there will probably be a second group of trainers and coaches that will be greatful to Angelika. Well, they got the ready script for their courses for a nominal fee. They will no longer have to cudgle their brains what to tell the people they train. But seriously, this is a must read for all self-taught (like me!) who, in their self-confidence, think that they have all the answers and that LinkedIn no longer has any secrets from them. Well, as it turns out, it has! It's really worth listening humbly to someone wiser ...
Robert Sieńko
3M Project
In my opinion, Angelika's ebook is really valuable. I have introduced a lot of order in my profile based on it. And the way the publication inspires me to act efficiently and changes is a measure of its value for me.
Piotr Wojciechowski
FUZERS, founder and CEO
I have just read the ebook" Strong Brand on Linkedin ". The book gave me specific tips on how the profile should look like, how the platform works and what potential it has. I started organizing the content and I already know that it is a huge mental and time investment. For someone who works in social media, it may be obvious, but for me the statement "the profile is not about you, it's about your clients" quite revolutionized the way of looking at myself. I consistently ask for recommendations. I shortened and organized descriptions of experience to not to bore a potential reader with a wall of text. I know that it is too much, but learning synthesis, extracting the essence of professional activities is a process for me. All information about netiquette was also very valuable. I remembered the movie "the social network" in which Mark protected the social aspect of the platform so that his idea was not warped, not to spam, to care for the quality of social relations. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from Angelika. I entered this path and I am extremely grateful that I can feel on it a bit safer and more confident thanks to the expert's advice.
Grażyna Pławska
Grażyna Pławska Szkolenia